Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks Try Now

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Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks Try Now. WhatsApp is the most used application today. The use of WhatsApp continues to increase. Given the increase in popularity, the company adds new features continuously so that more people can easily use them in the next few days. According to the latest calculations, more than 800 million people use the application released by Facebook.

What is Whatsapp?

But all these facilities cannot be easily understood by users or find difficult to understand. But the right thing, in this case, is that in this case, you can learn all these things quickly following some fixed instructions.

You can also use WhatsApp as quickly as Facebook. Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks Try Now, And with this help, you can easily talk to your friends without fear whenever you want. To do this, you must run it on your mobile phone because this application synchronizes all the elements of your mobile phone.


Tips for using WhatsApp:

When he sends a message to someone, the good sign, 2, is shown on the right side of the news, which means that his message has been sent to his friends. Now you must find the WhatsApp web option by opening the WhatsApp menu on your mobile, so you must scan your QR code. Immediately after this, he did not listen to the message that came to his group and had no problem with that.

You can change your mobile phone without losing cat details:

When you want to replace an Android phone or a mobile phone, but you don’t want to lose the cat details, all you need is your micro SD card. This is a simple process in which you can store your micro card data (your cat). Menu> Configuration> Chat configuration> Backup reservations.

Now you can put this micro card on your new mobile phone and recover the chat data from this card on your new mobile phone. If this backup is in internal storage, you can move it to your MBL, looking for your data in SDCARD / WhatsApp. I hope your information is helpful.

Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks Try Now 2

How to send a lot of messages:

He often wants to simultaneously send messages to many people on his WhatsApp and save time. Here, sending messages to all at the same time does not mean sending messages to a group, but here it means sending messages to many of their friends using the dissemination function. With this function, you can send private messages to many friends.

To do this, going to a new transmission on the menu on an Android phone, you can create a list of your friends that you want to send and send them messages. And if a friend responds, the message is not sent to all the list members but is shown only in their reception box.

Recover deleted messages:

If you want to book your own WhatsApp message, the easiest way is to delete the application and install it again. And when you restore your message, you need your permission for this; After that, reinstall the last seven days of the news. To see old notes on your Android phone, you must use the application and access the WhatsApp / SDCard database to see your backup.


Using WhatsApp on your computer:

We will explain how to use WhatsApp on your computer. If you don’t have an Android phone and you always want to run WhatsApp, you can use it by installing this application on your computer. To do this, open the WhatsApp website and follow the instructions if you have a Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop.

Creation of shortcuts for a cat:

If you talk to one of your friends again and again and for that, you must open WhatsApp again and again, then you can get the freedom of this problem; To do this, simply to. To make a shortcut, you must open WhatsApp on your Ponseel and press the friend’s name, and once you have temporarily clicked on it, you can drag it to your balcony. His friend’s character seems to be an application on his screen, which he can easily use when he wishes.

To silence notifications in the Obolan group:

The conversations made by other group members often bother him in his work. If you want to ignore the notification of this group without abandoning the group, then the easiest way is to reduce this notification. How To use the Paytm app To make an Obrolan Muda group in their Ponsel, you must access the disposition in the menu of their Ponseel and access the information.

Lock the WhatsApp application on your mobile:

We all want anyone to have a personal conversation with us with our friends because you must keep the WhatsApp application blocked on your mobile phone. There is no option like your mobile phone that can make your WhatsApp block, but if you use an Android phone, there is no problem.

Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks Try Now. You can protect your Cell Cat using applications such as discussion blocks, applications, and intelligent application blockages. If you use this application, you or anyone need to use a chat pin on your mobile phone for your cat to be sure.

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